Come With Me

True story of my near death experience and close encounter with the forces of Darkness versus light.

BY: Reverend Helga Morrow

Copyrighted: September 2000

The month of September 2000 was a nightmare I would gladly like to forget.

I had gotten through major surgery with no apparent repercussions, however, I was released with a fever that ultimately shot up to over 104+ that very night.

I battled until morning, when I finally got a return call from my doctor's office.

They told me I had to return to the hospital immediately because my blood was contaminated!
{this was not caught before my dismissal because the lab reports were not received until the next morning!}

Without going into the gory details, suffice it to say, it boiled down to a contamination that was associated with the risk of surgery.

Needless to say, I had a real fight on my hands. My veins were collapsing, so they could not get vital medicine into my body in the usual entry points.

The only other place left was in my neck, so that was a success. I still had to undergo a stress test and 2 M R I tests.

In the meantime, I was given 12,000,000 units daily of medication around the clock for 2 weeks to kill this infection [which it did.]

Going back a bit, when I was in the hospital with this infection, I remember feeling so weak and so very tired.

I looked in the mirror and saw a stranger! My pallor looked grayish lavender! I was so afraid to go to sleep, with the fear of not waking up again.

I was being monitored around the clock and felt confident that they were taking good care of me---a barrage of doctors nurses, even the head of the Dept. of Disease Control were filling my room.

I spoke to my husband on the phone that night, talking as I gazed at the TV monitor.

I kept noticing some gray shadowy figures whisking towards the right of the TV and kept telling my husband that something was wrong.

These shadowy figures definitely appeared to be human outlines I could see the profile of a head and a full lower figure, and I kept repeating, "there they go again," each time it happened.

My senses told me that they were the restless souls of those who had had gone "on" to a higher realm from that very hospital.

This happened at least four times while on the phone, making me very uneasy about falling asleep after I hung up.

I kept watching TV till very late and finally switched it off, surrendering to my fatigue.

The wee morning hours [9/20th] of this frightening experience almost came to a crescendo.

I found myself falling, with my head plummeting down, down, down.

It was as if I was falling into an unknown atmosphere while the entire galaxy rushed by me.. I figured that this was IT, the finale.

My heart was wildly pounding, but then a calm overshadowed me; everything turned into peaceful silence and the pounding stopped at that moment The pain instantly vanished and it was as if my soul separated from my body.

My eyes then surveyed the stage before me, a surrealistic scene of a beautiful beach with a red setting sun, cast against a dark, blue sky off in the far distance.

The reds were a bright scarlet, reflecting off the horizon and leaving its color in the gentle splashing of the waves. The laughter of children, people running and having fun on the water's edge filled the air..

While standing and gazing at this bucolic scene, I found myself on a moving sidewalk or surface.
Still dressed in my hospital gown, I managed to glance down at my body, now devoid of the needles in my arms and neck;
I realized I was completely free of pain. I looked down on the moving surface and noticed wisps of what appeared to be white vapors at my feet.

It was after that that I glimpsed at the surrounding panorama. There were literally thousands of people in front and behind me, yet no one was touching another person or even speaking; they were merely scratching their heads or wiping the corner of their mouths as they turned their heads from side to side as if trying to figure out where they were.

All, including myself--barefoot at the time, were facing forward as more small, cloudy wisps of vapors swirled around our feet.

Almost every nationality was represented there and from every walk of life; however, I saw no small children anywhere in this environment.

I did notice a nice looking, bearded man in a dark red turban, outfitted in his traditional East Indian garb.
He was also barefooted, looking puzzled but saying nothing.
A frail, straggly-haired blonde, a woman of perhaps fifty, was groping in the pockets of her Hawaiian print duster, as if groping to find her last pack of cigarettes. Her search was to no avail, though. Everyone looked perplexed, but not exactly frightened.

We began moving slowly past the beautiful beach scene, seemingly onto an ethereal 'boardwalk.' The scene portrayed before us resembled a 'Vegas' type arena, the scenario filled with bawdy laughter that built up to a loud high-spirited partying atmosphere as we got closer.

It reminded one of a mixture of ‘Mardis Gras' and a ‘New Years Eve' gala all rolled into one.

To the left of our very long line of people, appeared a slow moving parade of what appeared to be successful businessmen, dressed in Tuxedos, and each leaning on varied, expensive, exotic cars.

Naturally, each of the men was flanked by at least two to four, over-dressed, flashy gals, bedecked in tight, red--sequined, knee- length dresses, trimmed in some sort of black, shaggy fur.

Flaunting diamonds, their black hair was well coifed, reminiscent of the 50's or late 40's 'movie star' elegant look.

The hair was either piled up high on top of the head, or shoulder length, parted in the middle, with waves and curls.
I was reminded of the 1940’s movie Star, 'Hedy Lamar'; she appeared in many movies adorned in this fashion.

In addition to the black hair, the ladies had beautiful faces to match their equally desirable figures.
All this was accompanied with bight red lips and matching long nails on hands that clutched fluted Champagne glasses.

Occasionally, this group of merry-makers would thrust gold coins into the air, throwing them is our direction, throwing handfuls gold coins out to us.

The entire atmosphere was one of festivity and extravagance.

On the right of our endless entourage, there appeared even more scenes. It was if these players were appearing in little skits, showcased for us to see in this lavish display.

These merry scenes were filled with opulence, expensive cars and slot machines; the vibrant colors of reds and blacks accompanied all the accessories, overflowing champagne glasses, glittering diamonds, flashy gold coins with Dixieland jazz blasting and permeating the entire atmosphere.

Again, the men were all outfitted in tuxedos; some were short, others fat, some balding, and many very, very loud.

They reminded me of boisterous loudmouths who had finally arrived, moneywise that is.
If it weren't for their mega bucks, the thought crossed my mind, their women companions wouldn't give them the time of day!

Then it happened!

On my right, am ultra extravagant scene flashed right before my eyes. People began getting off the moving ramp, one by one, to enter the endless variety of "scenes."

Some people were hesitant to enter these beckoning settings; others simply bypassed the whole thing.

This entire climate portrays scene in incredulity, amazement, I had pondered to myself before a strange looking, tall man of around six feet caught my attention.

He was similarly dressed in a well-tailored Tuxedo, beckoning me, coaxing me with the crook of his finger. I studied this stranger, his slicked- back, shiny black hair, his angular face and mused that he looked like the incarnation of what I had expected all along.

He was reading my very thoughts and knew that I knew. His eyes really caught my attention: milky white with only a vertical black slit; they were now riveted on mine.

His mouth spread into a smile as he said softly,
"Come with me,
I'm looking for a pure soul."

I sheepishly looked around to find some volunteers, but I was left standing alone before him.

All this while, the two women flanking him were writhing to the beat of the music, really enjoying themselves. He asked me again, repeating, "Come with me; I'm looking for a pure soul.” He had hesitated a bit because I must have narrowed my eyes, this gesture relaying pure vehemence.

He instantly knew that I was standing my ground; I was not giving in and he recognized that fact. Quickly, he tried another tactic. “Anything you want can be yours . . . just Ask for it . . . anything at all.

What would you like?
Gold? Money?

I can give you anything for the asking.
See that slot machine? (It was behind him; one of his women escorts had her hand grasping the 'one armed bandit') Whatever springs to mind----just for fun---- name something."

I said, “Well just for giggles. . . to see if this is really on the level and you are not making this up, try those cute little gold ingots that gals wear around their necks as jewelry." Bingo, as soon as the woman pulled the handle on the slot machine, thousands of gold ingots came pouring out all over the floor, almost ankle deep!

That's a little much, I thought, and what am I going to do with all of this earthly gold? I wondered.

He was now studying me and I returned the favor, observing his slick moves, his controlled anger. We both eyeballed each other at length.

"A con artist," I thought. "A Daymon Runyon con." We were playing a game, actually tuning into each other s thoughts.

Two can play the game, I told him silently.

"Come with me;
I want to show you something," he suggested with a thin smile, barely moving his lips.

"I walk only with GOD", I told him firmly, all the while watching for a reaction. His whole demeanor changed momentarily.

He tried his damnedest to hide his frustration, but I saw his anger at the mention of God's name.

I witnessed an unearthly shudder and his eyes changed to glowing, white, hot rage.

There was no mistake as to whom he was----I Knew at that second What I was dealing with.

Should I get out Now or should I follow the battle zone as a true war correspondent would do under fire? I questioned myself.
Of course, I felt that surge come over me and the battle had just begun.

God is on My side, I reassured myself.
Let’s see how far I can go.
Just how far can I push the envelope?

If I had really died, this would not have been my idea of heaven.
But, was it a test? Was it this a battle of wits?

'Let's go,' I projected silently.

He finally composed himself as he ran his hand nervously over his hair. Giving me that smile again, he bid me to follow him along a long, red-illuminated corridor.

I followed him, his manner gracious as he pointed out the 'Hall Of Mirrors.'

He told me that these mirrors reflected the truth to any one who would gaze upon them.
We paused at one mirror where he told me to look in its mirrored surface to see the truth.

I agreed to look. To my amazement I saw my husband in a compromising position with another woman.

It was as if I were looking through a crystal clear window. The woman was blond, wearing a deep-red, knee-length peignoir set, the nightgown very sheer.

That is enough for me, I told myself.

‘The Father of all lies’----that's what I learned when I was a kid. “Now I see him for what he is in action" He must have heard my thoughts; I could see his anger and frustration at my calmness and composure.

"You know this is a lie,” I blurted out at him, watching him shudder.
“What you are showing me is nothing but an illusion and I don't buy into illusions.

What else are you going to show me, or is this IT? (I can get very phlegmatic if you get right down to it.
(Also known to the contemporary set as 'Keeping One's Cool!')

Again, he faced me with his now familiar grin. “I want to show you something special," he said as we were going into an ante-room with its many handsome male attendants.

These particular figures were dressed in glossy black leotards and appeared to be hard at work in front of some lighted panels . . . however these were not exactly a replica on the control panels found in "Star Trek."

His two female attendants were still in a 'party hearty' mood and did not let go of their seemingly constantly filled champagne glasses for a minute.

My "Host" beckoned me to come over to what appeared to be a huge window.

To my amazement, I was viewing the entire galaxy from a 3 dimensional perspective! I witnessed a fantastic, pinkish-lavender nebula, moving ever so slowly in a distance right before my eyes!

My host saw how enchanted I was by this awesome sight.

He hesitated for a moment and whispered to me "All of this can be YOURS!
I will give you the universe if you will
Come With Me!"

I just spun around and looked squarely into his glaring white eyes and replied, "God already gave all of this to all of us.

The universe belongs to us all; It cannot belong to just one person!" With that remark, he again shuddered and I saw his controlled anger and fury building up, again.

He signaled his male, black-clad attendants, his gesture intimating that some “thing” might materialize . . . and so it did.

Out of nowhere, appeared a huge black, steel looking sphere about 35 or more feet in diameter.
It had both a double vertical and horizontal raised rim encircling it, resembling brushed steel.

There were huge brushed steel rivets encircling the raised brushed steel rim that surrounded the mysterious shiny black sphere.

As the slow moving sphere was about to dock, it finally rested at the edge of the huge window to the galaxy.

The helpers dressed in black gave some sort of signal for the craft to open.

Slowly the craft opened vertically and a red glow started to emanate from the center opening. Wisps of cloud like gasses started to appear. As the opening grew, I heard the familiar sounds of more 'partygoers.'

The same type of women in their familiar glitter and gaudy getups as well as the men in their all too familiar tuxedos and boisterous laughter prevailed.

As I was led closer, I noticed the dimensions of the inside were larger than the outside.

I questioned my host about this, and he quickly told me that whatever we expect as logical on Earth does not necessarily hold as true there; time and dimensions are entirely different there.

I felt as if I was in another time zone. I kept saying to myself, This is a time warp or I have finally ‘crossed over.'

As I studied the entrance to the sphere and gazed into the large interior, I was checking things out and trying to memorize what I beheld at each part of my adventure.

I looked at the decadence and the flaunting of wealth, the extravagance of it all.
It resembled the inside of a very exclusive, exotic aircraft, adorned with off-white, leather bucket seats, plush soft red carpet and black trim and appointments.

As gold coins were freely tossed around, the jazz and upbeat music was drowned out by the partying and noisy atmosphere.
More champagne was being poured in fluted glasses, the supply seemingly endless.

My host motioned for me to sit down next to him. He seemed to be enjoying himself, along with the masses, and proceeded to join in with the joking and the merry making.

He turned around to tell me ‘how good I would have it if I would join him along with his friends’. He knew I was just along for the ride, again like the reporter looking for a good story; he was able to read my thoughts and I knew it.

I remained steadfast and unafraid at this point.

The craft came to an abrupt halt.
He asked me to get out and follow him to the 'edge' in front of us. This seemed to be a huge, flat, gray metal floor hanging in the middle of nowhere, a kind of a landing pad, I thought.

The huge sphere---with all its inhabitants----was kind of hanging in suspension, a few feet off the ground with its opening slowly narrowing.
Yes, the 35 ft. ball--a replica out of some 'hard rock heavy-metal concert set' was slowly closing; the illusion reminded one of a lavish Las Vegas extravaganza..

I was then coaxed by my sinister companion to look over the edge.
I had no fear at this point and decide to follow his suggestion.

To my horror, I saw what appeared to be a deep, dark abyss, hundreds of feet below us.
The left edge resembled tall, black skyscrapers or the edge of gigantic, jagged mountains.

I then noticed a wide moving corridor that appeared to be made of some sort of bluish- lavender mist.

I surmised it was moving in a northerly direction and emanating from the left, bottom edge of the chasm.

On this moving corridor, there were virtually thousands of naked, tormented souls, their bodies wrenching in the throws of the worst agonies possible and all inflicted by their black-adorned tormentors Every imaginable painful action was being repeated over and over again and again.

At this point, I turned to my host and asked for an explanation. He looked at me in the most grimacing manner and said, "These are the souls who are doomed to repeat whatever they did to hurt or harm anyone in any way on Earth.

They are all going to go through this for 500 to 1000 years. After their time is up----which is our time, not yours----they will return to Earth and must recruit at least one soul and bring him or her back to me.

Otherwise, they will have to return to what you see below for another 500 to 1000 years.

Time is speeding up; time is changing here for us.

It is almost coming to a stand still for us----changing times.
Just come along with us. "You have nothing to fear; we can make life easy for you." He said these words with a slow cunning style, his smile half cocked.

I looked down again at these tortured masses. Men and women of all nationalities and races were either being shot, or constantly tortured with unspeakable acts, the worst was the massive beheadings.

The gore and horror were beyond anything that Hollywood ever produce.

The sight sickened and frightened me terribly. I turned to my host and asked him if this was not, indeed, perpetuating an eternity of useless repetition and wasted energy on not only the victims, But his own cohorts!

He spun around in almost savage anger and shouted;
"You dare challenge me?
How dare you challenge Me?
No one Dares to challenge my final judgment, "he growled as he paced back and forth on the edge of the steel floor, above where we were standing..

"I'm asking you one last time. I have run out of patience with you. I told you all I needed was one pure soul." His eyes became glowing white coals.

I could see he was very angry and I was finally feeling fear.

Had I pushed the "Envelope" one too many times in my quest? Should I have called it quits with this 'illusion' that was now running away with my emotions?

True to my defiant nature I said,

With that statement, he became like a raging animal, snarling, "Have it your way!"

He then pushed me over the side and I felt myself falling down, down, down----hurtling ever faster towards the bottom of the abyss.

The sounds of the wind and the clash of symbols rushed past my ears and I instinctively thought this was IT.

Why did I let this charade go this far?
I mustered up just enough of the last ounce of breath I had left in me to get out these words of desperation,
"Jesus Save Me," I gasped.

At that moment, I immediately stopped falling, there was unearthly Silence as I was caught in mid-air.

I glanced down at my hospital gown and saw that I was in a horizontal position.

At a distance in front of me was a glowing white light, shining brighter and brighter by the moment. This brightening light enveloped me with its loving and healing warmth as I floated and turned ever so slowly with my feet towards the light.

I felt a loving presence that was indescribable and heard the most beautiful enteric music. It was as if a thousand organs and violins were playing in heavenly harmony all at once.

My next memory was that of seeing what appeared to be a draped or robed figure of a male. I could not make out any specific features except to note that his golden robe seemed to flutter slightly in a gentle breeze.

I wanted to move closer to meet the 'Stranger' who had come to save me, but I soon felt myself falling backwards and moving in an opposite direction.

I then felt a subtle warmth and an indescribable love that I had never felt from any human contact in my entire lifetime.

Yes, I was falling, but I was no longer afraid because I felt I was 'going home,' free of all fear and pain..

Literally falling back onto my hospital bed with a soft thud, my back and the semi-hard surface of the hospital bed met in unison.

Jolted awake, my eyes flew open and I read the hands of the clock where they stood at 3:30 AM, the morning of Sept. 20th.

Gasping for air, I finally looked around at my surroundings, feeling better after I realized I had just returned from a very mysterious journey--that which has haunted me every day since I have returned home.

On that day, the blood test results were 100% normal.

The doctor from the head of C D C was quite happily surprised and had no rational explanation for my overnight recovery.

All I told her was that I truly believed in miracles. [I still had to have two weeks of bed rest and take the prescribed medication . (My strength is back now and I am looking at life with a more meaningful perspective----one day at a time.)

I felt this story was important enough to share with you for many reasons. However, my first thoughts were to reach out to those of you who may have had similar experiences, and . . . there may be those who have lost all hope in their present condition , the hereafter or perhaps think that salvation is only for the worthy.

Yes, I firmly believe with all my heart that Anyone can be saved.
All They Have To Do Is Ask.
It's that simple.

None of us are angels and those who think they are probably deluding themselves. All that is required is that simple act of Total Faith.

Knock and the door will be opened unto you.
Matt. 7:7

{That Means Ask} Ask . . . before it's too late!

See: KJV
Rev 3: 20, 12 7:12/
Psalm: 23
Zechariah 5:
John 3: 11-21---14:1-31
Luke 4:8

Two weeks after I was released from the hospital,I was introduced to a famous writer and editer,by the name of Marguerite McCall. She liked my story and put it in the first volume of

Piercing the Veils of Seduction by Angelico Tapestra"The reason behind the name "Angelico Tapestra" is because this book is a compilation of a few chosen well known already established, writers,psychics and paranormal researchers in the world.

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